My lesson plans will help you to achieve your goals. You are not
 one of many students in a classroom, paying for lessons
that may not help you personally.
  1. Pronunciation problems? Record

  2. your voice and correct the sounds.

  3. Listen to movie clips, songs, and

  4. taped dialogues.

  5. Grammar difficult to understand?

  6. Click on Mr. Memory to see how

  7. you can learn tricky rules.

  8. Expand your vocabulary? Many ideas.

  9. See Wizard of Oz article in Marcia’s

  10. writings.

  11. Trouble with reading? Bring the books,

  12. magazines, or newspapers that interest

  13. you.

I have studied Spanish, and I’m learning French. I know it is not easy to learn a new language. I’m thoughtful, gentle, and encouraging. I know you can speak, read, and write English well.

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